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A major US city fleet was confronted with significant down time due to battery drain issues caused by improper installation of aftermarket equipment. With extensive knowledge of OEM vehicle systems and aftermarket police equipment Kerr was asked to recommend the right solution to the fleet to prevent the excessive down time.


Kerr engineers properly diagnosed the root cause of the issues and then met with all stakeholders within the City's fleet department, City hall and the third party upfitter contracted to the City to present potential solutions. Kerr then built two pilot vehicles and guaranteed to the CIty that the fixed cost design solution and subsequent upfit would solve the fleets battery drain issue for the life of the vehicle.

After undergoing a rigorous six month validation period of the pilot vehicles the Kerr engineered & manufactured power management and electrical system was installed across multiple vehicle platforms within the fleet providing a common solution with seamless integration for all vehicles in the fleet. The system along with Kerr on-site training for the third party upfitter was successful in eliminating the vehicle battery drain and had the added benefit of cleaner, more time-efficient installation for all vehicles in the fleet.

The end result was a significant reduction in downtime and maintenance costs for the fleet and a more knowledgeable and competitive third party upfitter that retains the upfit contract with the fleet to this day.
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