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Hands-free operation of cell phones, radios and aftermarket equipment is being mandated by all forms of government across North America but aftermarket police radios and equipment are difficult and expensive to integrate into an automobiles OE electronics.


Kerr engineers and technicians designed, manufactured and installed a steering wheel activated switch for police radios and emergency lighting. The PTT2, a Kerr exclusive hands-free response product, eliminates the need for the driver to take their hands off the wheel or their eyes off the road. With a simple push of the two button system a siren or auxiliary lighting and the police radio push to talk function are easily activated. The system is fully integrated into the vehicle's OE steering wheel and will work with almost any aftermarket police radio and siren/lighting switching equipment without the need or complication of additional expensive modules and devices. The system even comes with a Motorola noise cancelling microphone installed

Car InteriorWe'll let the customer do the talking… we had discussed internally at the Portland Police Bureau about the merits of push-to-talk capability in our patrol vehicles and I wanted to thank you for figuring out how to do it - I am afraid of tapping into OEM equipment due to the complexity of the CAN bus systems and voiding our GM warranty. Your PTT2 system for the Chevrolet Caprice integrates seamlessly with our existing Motorola radios – making it basically a plug-and-play addition/installation for us.

The PTT2 is so well received that we are also adding it to all of our Chevrolet Tahoe orders.  In my role as Fleet Coordinator I appreciate that everything Kerr provides and installs on the ship-through from Chevrolet is covered under full warranty.

Jon Gaddis, Fleet Coordinator, City of Portland, Bureau of Police commented to Tom Spence, Kerr Industries Technical Integration Engineer
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