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A State Police Department sought Kerr’s advice on how to maximize throughput in order to get vehicles properly equipped and into service more quickly and consistently.


During a on site review by GM and Kerr of the fleets current upfitting it was discovered the they were not utilizing Kerr installed GM wiring options that were designed to ensure faster and more reliable upfitting even though the vehicles were sold to the fleet that way. Once the fleet had genuine Kerr/GM options fitted to the vehicles Kerr developed and installed additional wiring options that work in conjunction with the vehicles electrical architecture to improve upfitting throughput. As part of the process Kerr worked on site within the fleets facilities to provide on-site training and support to the fleet 's technicians to ensure the improved throughput objectives were met.

The end result was a 45% reduction in installation time and a corresponding increase in throughput and upfit consistency.
Kerr continues to work with the fleet providing on-going support and training as needed.
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