Kerr Exclusives

Engineered Solutions

In order to seamlessly integrate and implement vehicle enhancements, Kerr has developed exclusive engineered products as part of our equipment integration program.

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BIT 13

All-In-One Design

Simplify the wiring of aftermarket equipment into any vehicle. Using the experience gained from up-fitting thousands of vehicles over the years, the engineers at Kerr have developed a fuse panel specifically for the aftermarket automotive industry.

Enhance Your Vehicle with a Kerr-engineered Auxiliary Battery System

Kerr’s Auxiliary Battery Solution is Designed to Fully Integrate into the Vehicle and Features:

  • 400 CCA 820 PCA absorbent glass mat (AGM) battery
  • Fully isolated from the main battery with smart isolator for easy diagnostics of OE and aftermarket systems
  • Charges from OE alternator/electrical system
  • An auxiliary battery designed to easily and safely power all aftermarket police equipment
  • Only available at Kerr Industries

View Chevrolet Silverado SSV Auxiliary Battery Solution

View Ford PI Utility Auxiliary Battery Solution

Auxiliary battery options