Ford Law Enforcement

Kerr Industries is one of Ford’s exclusive QVM (Qualified Vehicle Modifiers) with ship thru status on all key police vehicles. We work closely with Ford to design and engineer special police equipment options. We have a team of engineers whose sole purpose is to design and manufacture equipment that is specific to your needs and takes advantage of all the content designed into the vehicle. Each Kerr Industries option integrates perfectly with your Ford police vehicle and will not void the factory warranty.

Because of the work we do for Ford, we have a vast amount of experience installing and integrating many different types and makes of police and emergency warning equipment. Whether you’re developing a spec for your fleet or looking to up-fit 100 vehicles or just one, Kerr Industries is ready to work with you.

Custom Solutions for your Fleet:

F-150 Police Responder/SSV
F-150 Police Responder/SSV
Ford Utility Interceptor
Ford Utility Interceptor
F-150 Upfit Features Card
F-150 Ready For Patrol™
Utility Upfit Features Card
Ford Utility Thumbnail
Utility Ready For Patrol™
Expedition MAX SSV/SSV MAX
Expedition SSV/SSV MAX
Prisoner Transport Vehicle
Prisoner Transport Vehicle
Expedition Upfit Features Card
Expedition Ready For Patrol™
Ford Prisoner Transport Vehicle
Prisoner Transport Vehicle Packages Card