One-Stop Shop


A major US agency was presented with the challenge of up-fitting multiple vehicle models. The fleet manager was experiencing difficulty in consistency and quality of up-fits, delays in delivery and difficulty in servicing the vehicles once they were in the field. Kerr was asked to present a customized solution to the fleet to support their need to operate multiple vehicle models.

Kerr spent a significant amount of time gaining a deep understanding of the agency's needs for each vehicle type. Kerr's technical sales team and engineers worked closely with the agency to establish a detailed understanding of technical needs and equipment options.

Pilot vehicles built ensured agency satisfaction. Delivery schedules met deployment timelines and ensured vehicle rotation was optimized. Ship thru was used to seamlessly up-fit and deliver vehicles on time. Components integrated into the OE platform for simplified and quick installation.

Common design and integration improved agency maintenance. Quality and up-fit were consistent across all vehicles, with improved engineering and integration of aftermarket components with the OE platform. Reduced time to get vehicles on the road, improved infield service and less vehicle downtime.