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Exceptional Turnaround

At Kerr, our scale allows for quick turnaround on single vehicles and large fleets, in a variety of brands and models. Rest assured, our team is working hard to deliver your vehicles within the agreed upon schedule.

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Cost Effective Solutions

Having up-fit hundreds of thousands of emergency vehicles, our large scale operation and technical knowledge allow us to provide a very cost-effective solution, and without compromising quality.

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Market Leading Quality

We’ve been up-fitting law enforcement vehicles for decades, so Kerr understands how important reliability is for the front-line officers. You can depend on our quality workmanship. Always.

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Driven by Thoughtful Focus

We employ thinkers, engineers, designers fabricators, installation experts and a focussed team of customer service staff whose collective purpose is to ensure projects are executed accurately, on time, and on budget.

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Kerr serves as both a retail and wholesale distributor of automotive parts. We install automotive accessories and custom-designed equipment packages at our facilities. Ask about our READY FOR PATROL™ packages.

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Vehicle specific option guides

Keeping current is critical for us at Kerr, offering you access to our up-to-date downloadable options guides and additional relevant resources. Our engineering support and customized up-fitting manuals will keep you well informed.

The Kerr Difference

We put our customers’ needs first—it’s that simple. We’ve built our organization on creativity and common sense and we never back away from these principles. They form the core of everything we do.


As a Tier 1 supplier, our production quality and quality systems are the same as the OEM’s – they have to be.


Whether you have 1 vehicle or 100, we maintain FMVSS/CMVSS compliance, wiring is labeled and consistent vehicle to vehicle. we do not void the OE factory warranty, and we provide technical support.


We are experts in ensuring that all of your specified equipment works properly in your new or existing vehicle. We regularly consult with customers to design and develop unique parts to create READY FOR PATROL™ packages. That is the Kerr difference!

Integration Engineering

Kerr employs proven engineering methodology to ensure we understand your equipment, its usage and your operational needs. We then design the complete installation around your needs, keeping in mind the vehicle’s capabilities. Simply put, we bridge the gap between the aftermarket equipment manufacturers and automotive OE’s. We call it Integration Engineering.


You don’t have to purchase the equipment from us, although we’d be happy to sell it to you if you want. It doesn’t require a fleet of hundreds of vehicles to use our services. You don’t even have to be in the market for a new vehicle. You only have to have a need to make your up-fitting better. Whether that means improving the turnaround time to get the vehicle into service faster, or just making sure you don’t do anything unsafe when integrating the aftermarket equipment, Kerr Industries can help.


Our qualified technicians upfitting your vehicles are EVT certified.

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Since 1952, we’ve built our organization on creativity, common sense and putting customers’ needs first. Modern vehicles have come a long way since those early days, but we’ve never backed away from these principals. They form the core of everything we do.

When a product is used on the front line, it has to work, each and every time. That’s why Law Enforcement trusts Kerr Industries.

Contact us today to discover the Kerr difference!